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Daddy Diaper Tooklit

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The Baby First Box

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When a Baby is born, Dad plays an important role as he was the one who handled mood swings, was a genie for making each of wish true for a new mom and had an unconditional love from Day 1 when he got the news of baby arriving. Don’t you think, we should gift him something for all the roles he has played and make him ready for the best phase of his life. What's better than gifting him something to make his life hassle free. Now, Diapering time which most dad’s do (WE DON’T SAY IT.. BUT OUR SURVEY DOES) will be mess free. This is a perfect gift for expecting dad or new dad at a baby shower, for Father’s Day, or just because we know its essential.

The box includes:-

APRON:- To Prevent your clothes from staining and its pockets to hold things you might need while diapering your little one. Easy to wash and you can tie it on your waist.

DRY SHEET:- Breathable, reusable and washable sheet ideal for babies. It's a perfect diaper changing mat.

A Cloth Diaper :- Highly recommended for the newborn who suffers rashes due to long hours of disposable diapers and its environment friendly too. Reusable, stay dry, fit well and Easy to wash.

PAMPERS: A packet of disposable diapers.

WIPES:- They are extremely versatile and help in sailing through every tough situation.

DIAPER RASH CREAM:- Relieves, soothes and prevents rashes.

COTTON NAPPIES(LANGOT):- Made of Pure Cotton, two layered. Has loop which makes it easy to tie Makes your newborn feels comfortable in any type. of weather and condition

COFFEE MUG: Dad you have done an amazing job. Sit back & Enjoy your cup of coffee.

This box includes a special letter from baby to dad. You can read it and frame it for life. The Whole Diaper duty kit comes in exclusive reusable box packing.

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